THE ROYAL ACADEMY, an academic institution renowned globally for its quality education, aims to set a brand new trend and a positive impact in the way primary and secondary education is imparted. We, at ROYAL ACADEMY , adopt contemporary teaching methodologies fostered with Indian values, considering child as the center and making education experiential:

  • The prescribed age group for the nursery is 2 years and 8 months - 3 years, which may be relaxed depending on the growth of the child and readiness to come to school and follow a routine.
  • For grade I the age is 6+. Admission is granted after brief meeting and introduction with the child and parents. The registration procedure has to be compiled with.
  • The fee structure is reasonable. Fee can be paid monthly or quarterly.
  • For late fee there is a fine.

This academic hub adopts distinctive, child-centric & student-friendly teaching methodologies to facilitate analytical &interactive learning that is imperative in augmenting the child’s knowledge horizons on a variety of fronts and elevating their brain spectrum.

News and Events

April 25
half day annoucment

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april 21
holiday for two days

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April 21
website launch

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march 23
picnic week

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