About Us

ROYAL ACADEMY is a private institution chaired by His Highness Suryaveer Singhji, Ratlam and Her Highness, Meenakshi Kumari Sahiba. The school started in the year 2002-2003 as a kindergarten school and has grown to class VIII. The school is following the CBSE Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system since the Academic session 2012 to date, where the academic session is divided into four Formative assessments of 10 marks and two Summative assessments of 30 marks each. Each term has two formative assessments and one sum mature assessment. The marks awarded are changed into grades as per the grading norms of different sections.

A whole new approach

ROYAL ACADEMY, an academic institution renowned for its quality education aims to set a brand new trend and a positive impact in the way primary education is imparted. We, adopt contemporary teaching methodologies fostered with Indian values, considering the child as the center and making education interesting; instead of learning by rote.

  • In the kindergarten the 5 point grading assessment is followed; from grade I - V. The 7 point grading system is the guideline whereas from class VI- VIII. The 9 point grading system is followed.
  • The entire academic curriculum is in accordance with the CBSE norms where projects, assignments, quizzes and oral skills are given equal importance along with formal and informal assessments.
  • Promotions are granted on the basis of the cumulative performance in all disciplines.
  • Special stress is laid on value education where honesty, truthfulness, punctuality, respect for parents and grandparents, teachers and elders, respect for school property and concern for others are taught through integration methods.
  • Every Saturday is an activity day where dance, music, art and craft are taught. Special stress is laid on developing courtesies and manners besides self discipline.


To create a school where children love to come; where learning takes place in a stress-free environment, developing all aspects of a child’s personality; physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual.


The school envisages a conducive and challenging learning environment where every child grows to his full potential. While respecting individual difference and learning style, the school makes every effort to bring the child to an appropriate standard of learning and understanding, developing communication and interactive skills in both English and Hindi.

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April 25
half day annoucment

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april 21
holiday for two days

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April 21
website launch

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march 23
picnic week

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